how we started

Fun on Weekdays was founded in July 2021 when Jenna Palek decided she and her peers were wasting way too much time waiting for the weekend to enjoy their lives. Jenna realized making friends as an adult was not as easy as she had thought, and turned to social media to find friends and fun activities. In efforts to get out of the house, try something new, and meet new people, Fun on Weekdays was created to inspire and connect our online community.


Fun on Weekdays aims to connect our followers both nationally and locally through our countless community groups. Our Facebook pages help members meet people in their area to make friends, find roommates, find job opportunities, seek advice, and share fun events in their area. The Fun on Weekdays community continues to grow and is free to join for all ages.


We realized the importance of bringing our online community together in real life, so in 2022 Fun on Weekdays started hosting events. Our events range from happy hours to baseball games, cooking classes, book clubs, walking groups, and so on. We encourage guests to try new things, get out of their comfort zone, and attend events alone as a way to make new friends. Fun on Weekdays hosts events nationally and our upcoming events can be found on our events tab.


The Fun on Weekdays podcast was started by Jenna in July of 2021 as a way to share the challenges (and wins!) of navigating adulthood while learning to balance work and play. The podcast has aired for 2 seasons on Spotify and Apple with over 2.3M downloads, and will resume for Season 3 in Fall 2023. The podcast covers guests from different backgrounds to share stories about their careers, friendships, relationships, and ultimately how they create time for fun.